The Resilient Church Collective – A Voice of Hope and Encouragement During Traumatic Times…

The compound traumas since 2020 including COVID-19, along with a rise in mass shootings and racial tensions make it clear that the Black church is an invaluable asset to their congregants and communities affected by these crises.

The Black Church throughout American history has been the voice of hope and encouragement in communities of color and the nation. No other institution in the African American community rivals its influence.  “We will get through this together” during traumatic times, sends a message of hope that the Church is also a source of provision and healing for our lives. 

In January 2022, Alliance for Greater Works launched its newest initiative, the Resilient Church Collective: A Trauma-Informed Community Network (RCC). And engaged 22 churches from across the State of Texas, that serve African Americans, and other people of color.  “The Resilient Church Collective: A Trauma-Informed Community Network is a unique approach to supporting, equipping, and mobilizing churches to address current issues facing the African American community—in a church setting,” said Sherrye Willis, Alliance Founder and President. Alliance and its partner congregations believe healing-centered engagement is the most effective approach to helping African Americans recover from trauma. The long-term impact of this initiative, ultimately touching hundreds, perhaps thousands across the state of Texas will result in stronger families of faith, healthier communities, and more effective, innovative ways to address issues while staying true to the Christian mission.”

To learn more about the Resilient Church Collective and to learn more about becoming a part of the 2023 cohort.

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