Developing Leaders
to Create Equitable

Alliance has two decades of experience guiding foundation, business, nonprofit, and ministry leaders in transforming marginalized communities

Elevating Communities Requires...

There are many factors to creating real change in marginalized communities.

  • Understanding the community culture

  • Strategizing to have the biggest impact

  • Funding directed towards activities that make a difference

  • Collaborating with cross-sector leaders

  • Building and sustaining core community relationships

  • Discovering the root causes of issues beneath the symptoms

And you need to know where to start.

Transforming Communities. Change Lives.

Many individuals and organizations want to enact social change and transform how communities live, learn, work, and play. Foundations, corporations, nonprofits, ministry, and community leaders all want to see lives changed in the communities they serve. Unfortunately, the change they seek seems to take too long, which is frustrating. The problem is not a lack of effort or energy; it’s a lack of coordinated collaboration.

Elevating marginalized communities requires solving complex problems and enacting systemic changes. For over 20 years, Alliance for Greater Works has empowered cross-sector leaders to address the root causes of inequities by developing solutions to address complex problems that those in marginalized communities face daily.

Together, we create real change and make a better world for future generations.

And it begins by knowing where to start.

Creating Opportunities for Everyone to Thrive

Equip Cross-Sector Leaders

Providing leaders with the guidance and tools they need to create real change

Eliminate Complex Problems

Pioneering solutions by helping leaders work together toward a common goal

Elevate Marginalized Communities

Transforming the way communities live, work, and play, and worship

Collaborating with Cross-Sector Leaders to Enact Change

Foundation & Corporate Leaders

Philanthropy and investors funding social change

Multicultural Women Leaders

Women who want to lead social change

Nonprofit & Ministry Leaders

Change agents serving communities

Creating Opportunities for Everyone to Thrive

1 Engage

Address root causes to create systemic change by developing solutions for solving complex social problems

2 Empower

Change lives in marginalized communities by creating an environment where everyone can thrive

3 Elevate

Lift up marginalized communities  by creating a better future  for generations to come

It starts with a phone call.

Leaders Building Equitable Communities

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

“Alliance has done a superb job in coordinating and providing training and technical assistance for the Collaborative Approaches to Well-Being in Rural Communities (WRC) initiative. The WRC initiative aims to support the transformation of rural environments where people live, learn, work, play, and pray—bringing a population health approach to support resilience, mental health and well-being.”

— Hogg Foundation for Mental Health


What is a marginalized community?

Marginalized communities are populations, groups and/or geographic areas that experience discrimination and exclusion (social, political and economic) due to unequal power relationships across economic, political, social and cultural dimensions.

How Can I Understand Systemic Racism?

Become a part of the racial equity solution.

Alliance for Greater Works elevates marginalized communities by addressing root causes and developing solutions for complex social problems thereby creating a better tomorrow for future generations.

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