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Gain skills, resources and mentoring to boost your professional development and
become a leader of social change.

Alliance University

Enroll in our online, self-paced, community development and restorative justice trainings for grantmakers, nonprofit and community-based leaders.

Healing Youth Alliance

This course will teach pastors, educators, families and young adults to recognize signs of trauma and empower them to respond.

Nonprofit Consultant Alliance

This two-day intensive will help consultants understand the evolving landscape of nonprofit, community, and faith-based organizations.

Resilient Church Collective

Learn trauma-informed and healing-centered approaches to guide Black churches through traumatic events.

Consulting and Bespoke Services

All of our services are tailored to your project and include expertise in strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative research, capacity building, and education—all through an equity lens.

For Grantmakers and Foundations:

  • Broker of Financial Resources – Grantee investor readiness and regranting; advisor and mid-level manager for funder and corporate leaders
  • Program Design and Management – Serve as program office for initiatives; oversee grant portfolio, including grant monitoring and due diligence
  • Capacity Building – Assess subgrantee capacity; technical assistance to subgrantees; train staff working in and with marginalized communities; increase reach or connect to diverse populations/regions
  • Knowledge Source – Subject matter and regional expertise, including information the foundation would not otherwise be able to access or synthesize within a limited timeframe
  • Strategy and Evaluation – Research and advice on crossing boundaries of race, class, language, culture and nationality; manage and evaluate programs for subgrantees on leadership development, strategic communications, and more

For Individual Leaders:

  • Train the Trainer – Customized on-site or virtual sessions and personalized professional development for individuals working with marginalized communities
  • Nonprofit Leadership Programs – Build executive skills including the power of leadership, leading a nonprofit, financial management, human capital, major gifts fundraising, systems thinking, and more
  • Classes and Group Training – Develop individuals and staff that are trauma-informed and responsive to the needs of local or regional markets, including churches, schools, nonprofits, government leaders
  • Trauma-Informed Care Practices – Support community and faith leaders in understanding and managing trauma, including providing “safe space” for individuals of color, faith leaders, and other groups
  • Subject Matter Expertise – Education on framework of poverty, financial development and management, research and evaluation capabilities, understanding collective action/collaboratives, and working with marginalized or historically-excluded communities

For Collaboratives and Coalitions:

  • Strategy and Back-bone Organization – Support foundation, nonprofits or public service organizations in revising or establishing new collaborative; build a plan and theory of change
  • Coach and Advisory Services – Navigate the process including “on-the-ground” support; identify and get through roadblocks; support filling out paperwork, working with the city government, interviewing residents to get input and signatures
  • Research Capabilities – Offer community needs assessments, relevant history, labor market and demographic data, service area analysis, and tracking progress and outcomes
  • Mediation and Facilitation – Bring people together to discuss problems and come up with solutions; facilitate difficult conversations, especially around systemic issues, race, religion, and rural communities
  • Training and Education – Prepare individuals for leading and maintaining progress beyond project engagement

Project Successes

Well-Being in Rural Communities (WRC)

Using a collaborative approach, Alliance partnered with the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health to address root causes of poor mental health at the community and systems-level in five rural counties in Texas.

Working in Neighborhoods Strategically (WINS)

Alliance served as a backbone organization to support a “place-based” strategy for improving health and well-being in marginalized neighborhoods. WINS convened multiple stakeholders in the community with a cross-sector approach for collective impact.

African American Faith-Based Mental Health

Alliance led a movement of churches working together to increase awareness and perceptions of mental health and wellness in African American communities.

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