About Alliance for Greater Works

Alliance partners with cross-sector leaders and organizations
to create real change in marginalized communities.



Alliance for Greater Works strengthens leaders and organizations to improve the well-being of communities.


We envision a world where everyone is empowered to be all that they were created to be, regardless of where they live.

The Alliance Team includes a network of over 30 experienced subject matter expert consultants, coaches, project managers, facilitators, and trainers with experience ranging from 10 - 40 years.

Leaders dedicated to improving the well-being of communities.

Join our team of passionate individuals and make meaningful impact.

Over the last 23 years, we have worked to strengthen more than 28,000 individual leaders and organizations to transform marginalized communities.

We have led or supported 26 collaboratives or collective impact projects. We believe that by working collaboratively, we can tackle the root causes of economic and health disparities.

Read more about our impact in systems-level change in rural communities and improving the well-being of vulnerable neighborhoods.

Alliance for Greater Works was founded in 2001 as the Faith and Philanthropy Institute to work with faith-based leaders and organizations in making measurable change in their communities. In 2014, a shift in strategy initiated rebranding and a name change. Alliance for Greater Works reflects our priority of unlocking the power and potential in all of us to transform marginalized communities. By working together, we achieve "greater works." 

As we grow, we’ve expanded our capacities to include research and evaluation, online training opportunities, trauma-informed care, working with descendants of enslaved people, and more.

Organizational Values

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

We value a Biblical view of leadership that seeks the others’ welfare, engages the gifts of all, heals divisions, and accomplishes shared goals.



We seek to build strong and long-term relationships that are grounded in trust and respect and fostering the same behavior in others.

Collective Voice

Collective Action

We are committed to diverse people and sectors working to achieve greater impact and solve social ills.

Community Transformation

Community Transformation

We seek the physical, social, and spiritual transformation of people and places, focusing on marginalized communities in the world.



We are committed to quality service and work results, and work with partners who are dedicated to meaningful change

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