Sherrye Willis

Sherrye Willis Founder & President

Sherrye Willis is the founder and president of Alliance for Greater Works, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming marginalized communities so that all people have opportunities to thrive. Foremost a servant leader, Sherrye values and embodies a biblical view of leadership that seeks the welfare of others, engages the gifts of all, heals divisions, and accomplishes shared goals.


Joe Willis

Co-Founder and VP-Administration

Comfort Brown

Senior Program Manager

Christie Dobbins

Community Engagement Specialist VISTA

Nicky Hoang

Resource Development Coordinator VISTA

Sativa Leach

Chief of Staff/WRC Coordinator

Cyndy Carbo

Collective Initiatives Capacity Building Coordinator VISTA

Jada Spruill

Program Development Coordinator VISTA

Alliance Fellows


Ashley Suslowicz


William Russell

Ahuva Levitt

Ahuva Levitt


Ambernesha Patterson