Sherrye Willis

Sherrye Willis Founder & President

Sherrye Willis is the founder and president of Alliance for Greater Works, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming marginalized communities so that all people have opportunities to thrive. Foremost a servant leader, Sherrye values and embodies a biblical view of leadership that seeks the welfare of others, engages the gifts of all, heals divisions, and accomplishes shared goals.


Joe Willis

Co-Founder and VP-Administration

Comfort Brown

Senior Program Manager

Cyndy Carbo

Collective Initiatives Capacity Building Coordinator VISTA

Christie Dobbins

Community Engagement Specialist VISTA

Mia Hernandez

Program Development Coordinator VISTA

Nicky Hoang

Resource Development Coordinator VISTA

Sativa Leach

Chief of Staff/WRC Coordinator

Alliance Fellows


Ashley Suslowicz


William Russell

Ahuva Levitt

Ahuva Levitt


Ambernesha Patterson