Leadership Self-Care: Leading by Example

Leadership burnout is a state of mental, emotional and/or physical fatigue that results from prolonged stress related to leadership responsibilities. While this type of stress is often inevitable, it can be managed. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, easily irritable, detached, or anxious, you are likely experiencing burnout. A great leadership lesson can be taken from flight attendants: put your oxygen mask on first. Here are some ways to overcome burnout and be refreshed.

Self-Care Tips to Recharge

  1. Establish a daily routine. Mental health professionals agree that people are more mentally focused when they incorporate a productive routine.
  2. Press pause and take a retreat. Intentional time away helps us to recalibrate and it can bring needed clarity to lead well.
  3. Recognize your humanity. Vulnerability doesn’t make you weak as a leader, but stronger, braver, and more authentic. Being honest and authentic gives you the leverage to manage your responsibilities with greater wisdom and efficiency.
  4. Delegate responsibilities to others. This not only increases your capacity, but it also empowers your team to take on leadership roles. 

Leadership is hard work, but burnout is avoidable. When your well-being comes first, healthy leadership is an outcome. 

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