HELP! I’m Parenting in a Pandemic

The Healing Youth Alliance program hosted a virtual 90-minute special event entitled, “HELP! I’m Parenting in a Pandemic.” This event, held Saturday, September 12, 2020, focused on the social emotional well-being of families and unique problems (homeschooling children, remote and in-person full-time work and parenting) that parents are currently facing due to COVID-19.

During this pandemic, parents have had to deal with much uncertainty as it pertains to job security and many are now having to find a new balance to work, school, and home life. As school districts have come up with their own plans for children returning to school, parents had to make tough decisions concerning whether to send their children to school or continue to homeschool them. Either decision comes with many risks. With broadband being a major issue and technology not being accessible for every single household, along with the fears of COVID-19, there are many stressors that parents are confronting that can contribute to trauma that parents may be experiencing. As Dr. David Wang, Biola University Professor, explained, the effects of COVID-19 can already be the cause of trauma for many adults. Now that many parents have to homeschool, this can be another layer of trauma.

As COVID-19 is still taking its toll on our nation, Alliance for Greater Works’ Healing Youth Alliance program continues to teach on the signs and symptoms of trauma in youth. Our goal is to provide the tools for families to rise above trauma and empower them to respond in ways that will begin a pathway for healing and success. Now more than ever, children need support to begin healing in their own ways and, as parents continue to create and be that support system, moms and dads need the physical and emotional support of their peers.

To learn more about the effects of COVID-19 on our social emotional well-being and tips for coping with a new normal, visit our Facebook page to watch the entire training.

Jada Spruill
Program Development Coordinator
Alliance for Greater Works

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