March is Women’s History Month!

Alliance for Greater Works™ sees a world without under-resourced communities. One of the definitions of resources is the assets that can be drawn upon by a person or organization to function effectively. The continued denial of access to resources that many women experience in the workplace reflects the disparity that remains between men and women. Progress with gender parity has occurred; however, equality has not been realized. The month of March has been dedicated to women who have participated in the struggle for change and the equality of women, and men alike.

While names like Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are highly recognizable to most of us, there are countless “unsung” female heroes who impacted and altered the trajectory of American history. From women like Lady Deborah Moody, born in the 1500’s, who brought settlers seeking religious freedom to Gravesend at New Amsterdam, which later became New York, to Anne Marbury Hutchinson who was banished from Boston by Puritans in 1637 due to her views on grace. Women championed issues that weren’t just female related; they contributed to the overall fabric of this country. And, for these reasons, and more, in 1987, Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month. The month of March was chosen in accordance with International Women’s Day, which was March 8.

During this Women’s History Month, we would like to acknowledge the work of our Founder and President, Sherrye Willis. Sixteen years ago, Mrs. Willis was given a vision to create a Christ-centered organization with a vision to end poverty. This organization began as Faith and Philanthropy Institute and is now known as Alliance for Greater Works™ (AGW). Under Sherrye’s leadership, Alliance has worked directly and indirectly throughout Texas, the United States, and internationally with communities suffering with high rates of poverty. Sherrye’s leadership success with the WINS (Working Neighborhoods Strategically) collective impact not only ignited positive social change in the community, but also positioned AGW as the premiere organization implementing the collective-impact model in under-resourced communities.

Since 2013, Alliance for Greater Works™ has been intentional in highlighting and honoring women who are positively impacting communities, the workplace and influencing the next generation of leaders through the Women Leading Greater Good Forum™. This forum convenes, connects and celebrates extraordinary women leaders from diverse sectors with hopes that the women who attend this event will leave inspired and motivated to create change in their sphere of influence. Alliance for Greater Works™ remains committed in serving women and children while seeking to move the needle from inequity to equity. Happy Women’s History Month!

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