Does Your Nonprofit Need Help with Fundraising?

Often times, nonprofit leaders become overwhelmed at the very thought of fundraising. Many nonprofit and ministry leaders plan their day, the nonprofit’s financial budget for the year, and program strategy for the next three years, but when it comes to fundraising, there’s not a clear road.

Research shows that over 80 percent of America’s nonprofits are unsustainable. When this percentage is applied to the 35,000+ organizations in North Texas, 28,000 potentially have unsustainable financial models. Meaning, those organizations are in a state of unpredictable financial income. Many leaders have not developed a clear plan to fund their mission. Nonprofits and ministries are sending out blanket grant requests without developing a diversified comprehensive plan of action and building a relationship with the funder.

In addition, when unprepared leaders are asked by a potential investor, “how much is your operating budget, how much comes from charitable contributions, who else are you targeting for support, or what is the program budget,” the leaders do not have an answer. They don’t have a clear answer nor do they have a case for support.

Alliance for Greater Works is here to help your nonprofit or ministry develop a comprehensive fundraising plan as well as secure the financial resources you need to fulfill your mission. Alliance’s fundraising services range from assessing your fundraising readiness, developing a case for support, building your resource development strategy, to grant-writing and even providing monthly resources development services.

Let Alliance for Greater Works™ put our expertise and experience to work for you! Contact our office today to learn more about our fundraising services. 817.835.0271

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