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Poverty is defined by the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support. Simply put, poverty is a lack of resources. The official poverty rate is in the United States is 14.5%, which translates to 45.3 million people in the US live in poverty. Those living in poverty has increased by 8 million since 2008, proof that poverty is an epidemic. The vision of Alliance for Greater Works™ is to see a world with no under-resourced communities, and our mission is to strengthen and position leaders and organizations to transform under-resourced communities. The transformation of these communities will not only help to eliminate poverty, but it will also help to create viable, sustainable communities for families to live.

The Chalmers Center shares a similar vision. Their vision is for local churches to declare and demonstrate to people who are poor that Jesus Christ is making all things new. This vision is fulfilled by equipping churches to walk alongside people who are poor, breaking the spiritual, social and material bonds of poverty. Chalmers trains churches how to maintain the dignity of the poor while teaching them practical skills to change their lives. The goal of the Chalmers Center is to shift the way churches think about poverty, which in turn, helps the church to effectively alleviate it.

Here at Alliance for Greater Works™, we are always seeking to serve as the hands and feet of Christ in our community, especially when it comes to following Jesus’ example of caring for the poor. But we also know that good intentions aren’t always enough. As we help people who are poor, we want to do so in a way that addresses the roots of poverty and leads to long-term, sustainable change.

We want to let you know about an opportunity that Alliance for Greater Works™ is excited about. Rethink Poverty, a two-day learning experience led by the coauthor of When Helping Hurts, is coming to Dallas-Fort Worth on October 21st-22nd! We think it will be a great opportunity to build momentum in our city to effectively help under-resourced communities.

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