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featuring Emma Tenayuca, a leading force in labor unions and education.  Join the conversation featuring Panelist Michele Bobadilla, Senior Associate VP Outreach & Community Engagement, The University of Texas at Arlington, and Maryanne Piña Frodsham, CEO, Career Management Partners (CMP) on Facebook Live, Wednesday, March 23rd at 3:00 p.m. Click here to Subscribe:  

History tells us that women in leadership can shift the trajectory of our society to one that is inclusive and beneficial for everyone. From corporate to nonprofit sectors, women leaders challenge the status quo to make transformational change.  Click to Watch Previous Episodes of the Women’s Wednesday Series  

5 Reasons Women Make Great Leaders: 

  1. They defy the odds. 
  1. They handle crisis situations well. 
  1. They are effective problem solvers. 
  1. They are strong communicators. 
  1. They value relationships. 

Alliance is intentional about equipping women to soar in leadership roles through its Women Executive Leadership Program, which seeks to break barriers facing multicultural woman in executive leadership positions. 

For information click here:  Alliance’s Women’s Executive Leadership Program  

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