Message from the President: Gratitude of Thanks

This week during my Bible study of the gospel of John, I re-read the amazing miracle of Jesus feeding 5,000 hungry men, plus women and children (John 6:5-13).

While reading the miracle, I noticed one of the most important acts Jesus did in this passage – Jesus gave thanks to His Father. The eyes of thousands watched Jesus as He took the five small loaves in His hands. “Looking up, Jesus thanked His Father for the bread and distributed “as much as they wanted” to the sitting crowd. Then, “He did the same with the fish.”

Can you imagine being there and experiencing this moment as Jesus gave thanks to His Father? Imagine you are holding the bread and the fish Jesus created in your hands as the disciples did?  (I imagine myself standing in awe and saying thank you Jesus.) As the disciples distributed the food, there was always more to give. Possibly it was not until the disciples finished distributing the food and all were eating that they began to realize what Jesus had done through them.

Alliance for Greater Works™ understands that God uses people to accomplish good works here on earth. We are thankful to God for you — our investors, volunteers, partners and clients in supporting our mission during 2016! Your prayers, volunteerism, partnerships, and financial support has left us with a grateful heart. Thank you!

So, as we enter this holiday season, I’m asking you to continue your generous support to further our mission to strengthen and position leaders and organizations to grow just communities for all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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