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The 10th Annual Celebration Includes a Bonus Track!


As a Church or Nonprofit there is one indisputable need that we all have in common—we borrow it, leverage it, loan it, spend it, and lose it. Take a peek into the 2016 UFLC with Kim Till and Kim Richardson as we reveal the bonus track.


The Financial Track has come, ‘for such a time as this,’ to improve the workability of fundraising for Churches and Nonprofits. As we move towards maturity in Christ we can no longer put on bake sales, plate sales, and ticket sales without a plan to sustain the demand that Gods calling brings. It’s time for us to move on to higher grounds and begin to create long-term funding plans that align with Gods will. Where God guides, He Provides—thus I was privileged with the opportunity to interview veteran fundraiser—Kim Till, and Client Strategist—Kim Richardson, to provide us a glimpse into UFLC’s Financial Track.


With 35 years of fundraising experience, Kim Till who currently serves as Vice President for Advancement at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), says “she is excited about UFLC’s bonus track!” As a pervious speaker at the UFLC she noticed that many attendees were new to fundraising— “most weren’t called to be a fundraiser but took on the responsibility in order to do Gods work” says Kim. She continued by saying, “in previous years we lacked the time to answer all the questions pertaining to fundraising so the bonus track was added to expand on the basic principles of fundraising.”


When it comes to planning, today many organizations operate without a business plan or a fundraising plan. So I had to ask her, how important is a fundraising plan? Simply put Kim said “you can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it is…it’s like a map.” In her Fundraising 101 and 102 sessions, Kim says “I will discuss the Basic knowledge on how to build a fundraising plan from scratch and provide a menu of ideas and concepts for attendees to pick out what’s beneficial to their program.” In the Financial Track, Kim Till will equip UFLC attendees with the ability to map out a protocol to know what to do when they get home.


With all the great information from Kim Tills’ inside scoop of the Financial Track, Sherrye Willis, Founder of Alliance for Greater Works™ (AGW), brings to light the important fact that, “without knowledge of the future or having a fundraising plan you cannot raise the dollars you need effectively.” Thus, we embark on a second interview with UFLC presenter of the session entitled, The Future of Fundraising, Director of Client Strategy, Kim Richardson.


Although Kim Richardson has worked in strategic roles at world renown corporations like Coca-Cola, Hallmark Cards, and Brach’s Candy her heart has always been to work in the nonprofit sector—and specifically with faith-based organizations. She has been able to follow her passion for nonprofit causes the last 12 years with staff and consulting roles within several nonprofits (including AGW), and the last four years with fundraising agency, Pursuant. As a Client Strategy Director at Pursuant, Kim provides strategic counsel to a wide range of faith-based clients—with special focus on direct response fundraising, acquisition and donor stewardship.


As she considers the future of fundraising, Kim says,It should come as no surprise that by 2020, less than 4 short years from now, the nonprofit landscape will look very different than today. Only those nonprofit organizations that recognize and plan for this new reality will both survive and thrive.” In this session, Kim will explain the major trends that will shape the nonprofit sector by 2020 and how organizations can proactively prepare their internal organizations and fortify their donor relationships for these inevitable shifts.


One question that I want to highlight—that was asked to both Kim Till and Kim Richardson—is if you could give one piece of advice to someone developing a fundraising plan what would that be?


Kim Till says “Fundraising is not a transaction it’s a relationship…don’t look for money to meet your needs, instead, build a relationship with the donor’s interest in mind.”


Kim Richardson says “I’ll give you two: get to KNOW your donors—why they give to your cause, to your organization, etc. —to ensure every effort in your plan builds deeper relationships with them, and remember to include strategies that address mid-level donors as many may feed the pipeline to major donor giving.”


The UFLC brings together some experts, some advisors, and some strategists for the edifying of the Church, and for the equipping of nonprofits. For new and former participants of the UFLC, the Financial Track will add value to your present and future fundraising efforts.


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