The Alliance empowers community leaders to identify and solve important issues by arming them with the right tools and resources.

Lead with Confidence and Cultural Humility

Change starts with an individual. You don’t see change until you see it in one person. We want to develop a generation of leaders that lead with culturally humility and bring that expertise into whatever work they do.


Healing Youth Alliance is a faith-based training designed to support the mental health of our youth and dismantle practices that create or resurface trauma. This one-day course will teach pastors, educators, families and young adults to recognize signs of trauma in youth and empower them to respond in ways to create a pathway for healing.

Ultimate Financial and Legal Conference

This ​two-day conference is designed for individuals who work for church, ministry and faith-based nonprofits. Learn core financial, legal, human resources, and risk management solutions ​to the ​ ​issues ​facing ​​religious institutions and organizations.

Women’s Alliance: Executive Leadership Program

Race and gender equity is essential for every woman to reach her full potential. Women’s Alliance aims to improve competencies and expand the capacity of executive women in the nonprofit sector. Participants receive the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Certificate upon completion.

Community Leadership Training

Cultural humility begins with working from the ground up. We provide trainings for resource providers and community residents within marginalized communities. The classes focus on teaching citizens what their rights are and how to advocate for their needs. We work to strengthen individual leaders and organizations to build relationships and self-efficacy, equipping them to effect change from within their community.

Master Nonprofit Consultant Certificate Program

Our Nonprofit Consultant Certificate program will help you advance your career in nonprofit consulting by honing the skills and developing a business plan. Focused on addressing systemic issues that communities and organizations face, this nine-course training program will teach you how to work with nonprofits and particularly faith-based and community-based organization.

Contact us to make strategic decisions with cultural humility that break barriers to equity.


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