A New Year

Community Engagement Specialist 

The beginning of a New Year always brings hope for the future, dreams of new possibilities and excitement for change. Whether you have weight-loss goals, business goals or you have been desiring change in your personal life, your business or community, leadership is required. Erroneously, many mistake leadership as a title or position, but leadership, by definition, is simply influence.

For twenty years Alliance for Greater Works™ has been a leader in transforming marginalized communities (in the community, philanthropic and nonprofit spaces). Whether it is fundraising, capacity building, collective impact or creating strategy, Alliance has always led with competence and excellence. Although 2020 was a difficult year, the foresight of our leadership team prepared Alliance to successfully pivot as we adopted new practices necessary to sustain us during a pandemic while facilitating exponential growth for marginalized communities. And as we grew, we were able to meet the needs of those we serve in greater proportions, and we expanded our reach throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

Leadership is much more than a title or position; it is the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others. It is not simply telling people what to do. Leaders cast vision and influence those they lead to follow that vision. Nations, companies, local communities, and even families, rise or fall based on leadership. Each year brings new opportunities and new challenges, and how you respond to either depends on leadership.

Visit us at alliancetx.org to discover ways we can assist you and your organization in 2021. Good leadership matters and starts here! 

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