Training by Alliance for Greater WorksTM to bridge the gap in mental health resources for communities of color throughout Texas.

Healing Youth Alliance, a new program of Alliance for Greater WorksTM, is a faith-based training designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of our youth.

Many individuals face long-standing barriers to seeking mental health services, in particular African American youth. Research shows that many African Americans rely on faith, family and social communities for emotional support rather than turning to health care professionals. 

Stigma of mental illness, misunderstanding among community members, victim blaming, and tension with law enforcement often leaves African American people isolated when faced with trauma or emotional distress.

“By offering culturally-sensitive resources and trauma-informed principles to pastors, youth ministry leaders and faith-based educators, we’re bringing down the walls that prevent many individuals from seeking help. The training is also a step toward to eliminating practices that either create or resurface trauma within religious settings,” says Sherrye Willis, chief executive officer, Alliance for Greater Works.

The six-hour training provides individuals with the necessary information to recognize signs of trauma in youth and empower them to respond in ways that will begin to create a pathway for healing. This training also addresses trauma related to community violence, environmental disasters, school-settings, as well as misconduct within the church.

Funding for this program is made possible through grants awarded from Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, and the Meadows Foundation of Texas. 

Upcoming classes are currently being offered online and in Dallas, Corpus Christi, and Houston, Texas. Contact us today if you are interested in bringing this free six-hour training to your church, school or in your community. Learn more about the program at:

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