The Ultimate Gift

Christmas is a season of family, celebration and gift giving. Children everywhere are waiting with anticipation to see if they will receive their favorite toy, electronic gadget or article of clothing. Houses are filled with the merriment that accompanies this time of the year, as parents look forward to a few days off work to spend with their family. The atmosphere is contagious! Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone. There is a child, a family, a community somewhere that dreads Christmastime because it is a stark reminder of the poverty lack of financial resources that has engulfed their life, taking precedence over the pomp and circumstance of the Holiday Season.

Alliance for Greater works™ sees a world without under-resourced communities and has worked tirelessly to eradicate poverty on every level. Our mission is to strengthen and position leaders and organizations to transform impoverished areas creating sustainable change. With this in mind, Alliance for Greater Works™ values a Biblical view of leadership that seeks the welfare of others, engages the gifts of all, heals divisions, and accomplishes shared goals. We embrace the servant-leadership model demonstrated by the greatest leader of all time, Jesus. His compassion and willingness to help the down-trodden, lost and forgotten teaches us to be concerned about the least among us.

While poverty impacts one’s ability to participate, or not participate, in gift giving, it also influences mental health. Stress and anxiety caused by a lack of financial resources, as well as grief and social isolation lead many people into depression during the Holidays. The constant borage of television advertisements of happy families eating at tables filled with an abundance of food and a myriad of gifts affects the way many living in poverty view, and ultimately value, themselves. Alliance for Greater Works™ seeks the physical, social, and spiritual transformation of people and places, focusing on lowest-income communities. Mental health is vital in helping us see that we all have something to give.

As we search all over for that perfect gift for our family member, friend or co-worker remember those who are less fortunate. Don’t allow the festivities of the crowds to drown out the cries of the poor. Remember to offer the gift that will cost you absolutely nothing. It is the Ultimate Gift, the gift that was extended to each of us, the true reason for the season, the gift of Jesus. Alliance for Greater Works™ is committed to diverse people and sectors working together to achieve greater impact and solve social ills. And as a Christ centered organization, we offer the gift of hope and the possibility of change to under-resourced communities.

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