Alliance’s Role Ends As WINS Anchor/Backbone Organization

For the last two years, Alliance for Greater Works™ (Alliance) has led the WINS (Working in Neighborhoods Strategically) initiative as fiscal agent and anchor/backbone organization. Together, we accomplished historical milestones for the South Dallas/Fair Park Community, thanks to the seed investment of Children’s Health Systems.

Alliance has served WINS with integrity and is committed to the South Dallas/Fair Park community. We are thrilled to report, WINS with the backbone leadership of Alliance has accomplished more in twenty-four (24) months than any other past or present collective initiative in the city of Dallas. More importantly, WINS officially moved from the167th attempt to facilitate change in this area to a viable collective impact initiative that is making a difference in the lives of the South Dallas/Fair Park residents and business owners. For instance, the most recent milestone and major accomplishment was the approval of the South Dallas/Fair Park Public Improvement District – the first South of the Trinity-was unanimously approved by the Dallas City Council on August 10, 2016!

This newly formed Public Improvement District (PID) will net approximately $1.2 million dollars over the next seven years for service that include the following: enhanced security and public safety, capital improvements, improvements of common areas, landscaping, trash/litter removal, graffiti control, marketing and promotional activities, distinctive lighting and signage, business development and recruitment to promote the area. The PID area extends from Al Lipscomb to the North, Pennsylvania to the South, Robert B. Cullum to the East, and Lamar to the West. The PID is the safety and security strategy.

In addition to the PID, WINS will pilot a seven-month South Dallas/Fair Park Family University (the WINS education and health strategy) beginning October 18 with twenty-one families. The WINS Family University’s purpose is to provide an integrated and two-generational approach for parents seeking greater parental support, improved kindergarten readiness for children 0-5, adequate resources, and a safe and nurturing family environment. The sessions will focus on building community between parents through a series of group discussions, hands on experimental learning and life skill building. Participants will receive incentives throughout the program as they accomplish milestones. Family University will be hosted at the Dallas Bethlehem Center in partnership with Health & Wellness Alliance for Children, ChildCare Group and the Early Head Start.

Furthermore, Capital One Bank and Alliance for Greater Works, in collaboration with the WINS housing strategy – My Family, My Home, My Legacy, are now accepting applications for the first Dallas session of Debt Boot Camp: How to Get Out, Stay Out and Become Financially Fit! The program will begin Thursday, November 12 at the MLK Recreation Center, 2901 Pennsylvania Avenue Dallas, Texas 75215. Participants must attend one orientation session offered Saturday, October 22, 9 –10 a.m. and Thursday, October 27, 6-7 p.m.

The Debt Boot Camp is a free program designed to walk participants through the process of becoming debt-free and financially sound. This innovative, collaborative program is centered on a successful course study proven to help individuals and families eliminate debt long-term. Participants learn the importance of establishing savings while improving their credit and building assets through this seven-month program. In addition to obtaining access to premium personal financial education at no cost provided by Transformance, those who register for the program will receive free one-on-one confidential financial counseling, have an opportunity to open a no-fee personal savings account with Capital One Bank, have the initial set up fee waived for people interested in participating in a Debt Management Program and eligible participants may also qualify to participate in an Individual Development Account matched savings program and receive up to $300. In addition to Transformance, a local non-profit committed to moving families towards financial stability, other partners include Dallas Park & Recreation and University of North Texas Dallas Law School.

The mission of Alliance for Greater Works™ is to strengthen and position leaders and organizations to transform under-resourced communities, and we are proud of the work we have done in South Dallas/Fair Park. It has been an honor to partner with the residents and community-based WINS leadership team in positioning WINS as a catalyst for change in the South Dallas/Fair Park community.

Effective September 30, 2016, our role as the WINS fiscal agent and backbone organization ended. We have enjoyed working in the South Dallas/Fair Park community and we look forward to seeing continual progress from the WINS Initiative as they strive toward becoming their own 501c3 organization.

Thanks to Mayor Rawlings, Councilwoman Tiffini Young, Children’s Health, the WINS steering committee, workgroup members, partner organizations, and all the other volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the past 24 months. Your commitment and leadership ensures that South Dallas/Fair Park is poised for opportunities to make the area a place where families and businesses thrive! To download the WINS Two-Year in Review developed by Children’s Health and Alliance for Greater Works, click here.

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