For Consultants and Trainers

Alliance for Greater Works’ (Alliance) mission is to strengthen leaders and organizations to improve the wellbeing of communities. Alliance for Greater Works partners with communities to address the real, often hidden, issues at play that create inequalities such as lack of food, jobs, housing, healthcare and education.

We work collaboratively toward a better world where no individual person or community is sidelined, under-resourced or excluded due to inequitable access to economic growth, education and health care.

Type of Contract and Qualifications

Type of Contract

The consultant will be engaged in a performance-based contract derived from a schedule of deliverables and corresponding fees.  However, as each intervention will be unique, Alliance will review the consultant’s hourly rates in order to gauge cost-effectiveness.


Consultants must have a minimum of seven years experience delivering technical assistance to nonprofit organizations in the content area(s) for which the consultant indicates expertise.  Community development or organizing experience is a plus. Consultants must submit the attached form with all information completed.  In addition, a complete response package must include the following items outlined in order and should not exceed two pages (excluding the bio or resume):

  • A resume or bio and description of respondent’s consulting experience including the number of years in nonprofit consulting, description of type of clients worked with, and geographic area(s) in which consultant works;
  • A description of the consultant’s experience providing Technical Assistance (TA) or training to collaboratives or nonprofits in the relevant subject areas, the resulting organizational outcomes, and success rates from past TA interventions;
  • The respondent’s business approach to providing direct TA to a nonprofit or collaboratives;
  • Names and contact info for three references (recent clients).