Virtual Leadership Gathering


Dear RCC Cohort and Guests, 

You will gain valuable and practical insights from leading Christian psychologist, therapist, and counselors in mental health.

Please feel free to forward this message to invite your church lay leaders, associate pastors, and other churches in your community.

Session One:

What Does it Mean to be a Trauma-Informed Church?

The Trauma Informed Church (TIC) embraces the paradigm shift of perspective surrounding the experiences of others. This then allows for an adjustment in application in how we build community within the church, heal/deliver others, minister to believers, and even evangelize to the world. TIC takes the use of wisdom and understanding to a greater level.

Speakers: Dr. Blaire Lewis, PSY.D and Dr. David Wang, TH.M., PH.D.

Session Two:

Do all God’s Children Have Trauma?

In today’s world, trauma is a “hot” topic. Are we all experiencing trauma? If so, is trauma Biblical? Aren’t we as Christians all called to suffering? We will unpack trauma vs suffering with biblical lens for how the church can be open and supportive of addressing trauma.

Speaker: Dr. Eric Brown, PH.D. LPC (IL) NCC

Session Three:

“Faith and Therapy” A Panel Discussion: Can the power of faith intersect with the practicality of professional counseling and therapy?

Although research shows that suicide among African-American communities is on the rise, many people are still reluctant to talk about mental health or seek professional help when they are struggling. How can the church help dispel the cultural myths and stigmas around seeking professional therapy? Let’s talk about it.

Moderator: Vicky Coffee, Hogg Foundation
Panelists: Dr. Erica Holmes, Dr. Natasha Stewart-Gresham, and Dr. Ricky Walter

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Alliance for Greater Works

The Resilient Church Collective is a statewide initiative in Texas designed to help leaders of churches serving African Americans and other people of color through trauma-informed healing. The collective is an initiative of Alliance for Greater Works™.