Elevating Communities Requires Addressing Systemic Change

And you need to know where to start.

Transforming Communities. Change Lives.

Many individuals and organizations want to enact social change and transform how communities live, learn, work, and play. Foundations, corporations, nonprofits, ministry, and community leaders all want to see changed lives in the communities they serve. Unfortunately, the change they seek seems to take too long, which is frustrating. The problem is not a lack of effort or energy; it’s a lack of coordinated collaboration.

Elevating marginalized communities requires solving complex problems and enacting system-level changes. For over 20 years, Alliance for Greater Works has empowered cross-sector leaders to address the root causes of inequities by developing solutions to address complex problems that those in marginalized communities face daily. 

Together, we create real systemic change and make a better world for future generations.

And it begins by knowing where to start.

Creating Opportunities for Everyone

At Alliance for Greater Works, we bring together and develop community leaders to enact social change for future generations.

Equip Community Leaders

Providing leaders with the guidance and tools they need to create real change.

Eliminate Complex Problems

Pioneering solutions by helping leaders work together toward a common goal

Elevate Marginalized Communities

Transforming the way communities live, work, and play.

Leaders Building Equitable Communities


"Thank you for helping us create our county-wide collaborative while launching our 501(c)(3) nonprofit - Morris County Collaborative. Your guidance, patience, and love has helped us to begin the hard work of transforming our community from the ground up."

Beverly Austin
Founding Board Member
Morris County Collaborative


Create a Better Tomorrow for Future Generations

1 Equip

Serve and address the root causes of social problems

2 Empower

Change lives in marginalized communities by creating an environment where everyone can thrive

3 Elevate

Lift up marginalized communities by creating a better world for generations to come

It starts with a phone call.

Launching Greater Works

Do you believe you been called to fulfill your mission through a nonprofit organization? If your answer is, “Yes,” then this book is a must-read! Launching Greater Works™: Turning A God-Inspired Vision into a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit shares one woman’s journey of answering a call to serve leaders and organizations working in under-resourced communities.

Drawing from the author’s 25 years of experience, discover the steps—from being called and personal preparation, to the practical research, analysis and planning—necessary to successfully turn your God-inspired vision into a 501(c)(3).

Download questions you should answer if considering starting a nonprofit.

Launching Greater Works
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