Elevating Communities Requires Systemic Change

There are many factors to creating real change in marginalized communities.

And you need to know where to start.

Creating Opportunities for Everyone

At Alliance for Greater Works, we bring together cross-sector leaders to create equitable communities.

Equip Foundation and Corporate Leaders

Providing leaders with the guidance and tools they need to create real change

Eliminate Complex Problems

Pioneering solutions by helping leaders work together toward a common goal

Elevate Marginalized Communities

Transforming the way communities live, work, and play

Building Equitable Communities

Childern's Health

"Alliance led and managed the place-based Working in Neighborhoods Strategically (WINS) initiative as the backbone organization. The Alliance team demonstrated able leadership, coupled with effective interpersonal skills and relationship-building skills. As a result, WINS did an excellent job creating a common agenda, a continuous communication program, and executing five mutually reinforcing strategies. I enjoyed partnering with Sherrye Willis to improve the lives of the residents of Fair Park/South Dallas."
- Children's Health Systems of Texas

Create Equity for Future Generations

1 Equip

Address root causes to create system-level change by developing solutions for complex social problems

2 Empower

Change lives in marginalized communities by creating an environment where everyone can thrive

3 Elevate

Lift marginalized communities up and create a better future for generations to come

It starts with a phone call.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Can We Build A “Place-Based” Strategy for Improving Health and Well-being in Marginalized Neighborhoods?

See how Alliance was able to partner with Children’s Health System of Texas and a historic marginalized community to impact the local economy, education, health, housing, safety and security. 

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