Alliance For Greater Works | Multiply Impact. Transform Communities.
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Alliance for Greater Works™ is driven by a vision of a world without under-resourced communities.

Our mission is to strengthen and position leaders and organizations to transform under-resourced communities.

Who We Are
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You might remember us by the name “Faith and Philanthropy Institute”. The growth of our organization over the last fifteen years provides us with the opportunity to identify ourselves with a name that better depicts our mission: Alliance for Greater Works™. We are the preeminent organization for individuals and organizations with a mission for transforming under-resourced communities.

What We Do
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Founded in 2001, Alliance for Greater Works has served over 10,000 leaders and organizations. AGW strengthens and positions leaders and organizations to transform under-resourced communities by offering services within three major categories.

Featured Clients

Over the last fifteen years nonprofits, foundations, and governments have partnered with Alliance for Greater Works to improve outcomes, communities, and, most importantly, people’s lives. Join our mailing list today to learn about ways you can become involved.