Thelma Morris Lindsey

Consultant & Coach

Thelma Morris-Lindsey is a longtime Dallas resident and has spent the last 39 years in nonprofit. As a Dallas ISD product, Thelma began college at Southern Methodist University at 16 and graduated Cum Laude at 19. She completed her Master’s degree in Special Education by age 20 from Texas A&M Commerce.

Thelma is a nonprofit consultant and also the founder of Earning by Learning of Dallas (EBL), which ranked as the fourth educational program in the country with proven academic gain. Earning by Learning of Dallas is purported by a Harvard University study as the single most effective and cost-efficient literacy program in America. Earning by Learning serviced 108 elementary schools in 3 states (Texas, Washington, and Virginia).

Thelma is also a respected leader in student educational incentive-based reading programs. She has raised millions of dollars and is well-connected in the philanthropic and corporate sectors. She has served on both city and state boards and finds advocacy and stewardship highly rewarding.

As a nonprofit consultant, Thelma will guide Alliance for Greater Works toward a more significant measurable impact by helping shape informed decisions. These decisions improve business performance in terms of operations, management, board development, sustainability, programs, and evaluation.

Thelma Lindsey