Organizational Competency and Capacity Building

The Alliance works collaboratively with organizations to improve effectiveness and sustainability.

Operational Support and Management

We provide support to nonprofits that are serving marginalized communities. From capacity building to board development, grant writing to skills training, we bring an understanding of systemic issues that affect equity, how they work and how to address them.

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Ultimate Financial and Legal Conference

This ​two-day conference is designed for church, ministry and nonprofits who work with and within marginalized communities. Learn core financial, legal, human resources, and risk management solutions ​to the ​ ​issues ​facing ​​religious institutions and nonprofit organizations.

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IGNITE Greater Works Collaborative

This online training course is offered to government institutions and organizations that are focused on collaborating. Learn how and why to collaborative effectively. The course can be offered in-person, if needed.

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To Collaborate or Not to Collaborate

We help organizations think through the ins and outs of collaborating and participating in cross-sector collaboratives.

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Capacity 101

This training program focuses on building capacity of a nonprofit by developing an organizational improvement plan. Topics discussed include assets-based community development, strategic development, outcomes management, financial management, board development and fundraising. Download the training and go at your own pace, or we can provide an instructor-led course.

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African American Faith-Based Mental Health (AAFBMH)

AAFBMH is a movement of churches working together to increase the awareness and perceptions of mental health, recovery and wellness in African American communities. We work with marginalized communities to provide trauma-informed training for churches.

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