Nonprofit Consultant Alliance

A virtual two-day intensive for consultants engaged in the evolving landscape of nonprofit, community, and faith-based organizations.

Professional Development and Mentorship for Nonprofit Consultants

Nonprofit consultant roles and the needs of nonprofit organizations have become more complex in recent years. This changing and complex environment demands that consultants develop greater expertise and new approaches in their consulting services.

As part of this program, you will:

  • Understand the roles and ethics of consulting
  • Identify and practice the stages and process of consulting
  • Develop an understanding of professionalism in consulting
  • Learn the power of listening effectively
  • Challenge the status quo in nonprofits
  • Build and sustain working relationships in the consulting community
workshop participant

Program Details

This program positions consultants to help nonprofits have greater impact in their communities.

The Nonprofit Consultant Alliance is designed to deepen the skills and strengthen the practice of consultants working with nonprofits. This program will prepare a larger and more skilled pool of consultants serving communities to effectively help nonprofits have greater impact in their communities and sustain their organizations.

The two-day, intensive instruction and participatory learning will be held virtually so you can participate from anywhere. The training is limited to 40 participants and includes:

  • 12 hours of training and coaching in the skill and art of consulting
  • Networking and peer to peer learning opportunities
  • Certificate of Completion


1 Enroll

Develop consulting competences to serve nonprofits and initiatives affecting communities.

2 Engage

Engage – Strengthen leaders and nonprofits to improve the lives of people living in marginalized communities so that everyone can thrive.

3 Elevate

Lift up communities by creating a new generation of consultants serving nonprofits.